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About Us

Company brief

Advanced communication technology ACT is considered as one of the best Internet service providers in the Middle East using the most advanced technology that feed the needs of all companies and small business that demands internet

Our pioneer technology in internet

We are using the most advanced technologies in providing the satellite internet service using our satellite reaching your home and work anywhere and with the fastest speed you require

Company Politics

Advanced communication technology ACT is concerned to be the trustable by any of it clients in all technical matters as we can fulfill any companies and small business needs delivering technical solutions to that helps customers in their practical life.

Advanced communication technology ACT is determined in it journey towards development to be the company that take care of it clients demands, although to be capable of competition so that it clients will choose only it ,Company established in 2001 and it gathered a crow of the best elite engineers specialized in satellite internet solutions and network solutions and web designing and administration

Speed Test قياس سرعة الإنترنت